About Us

Taobao AgentTaobaotrading.com are professional and responsible Taobao agents who provide the service to help foreign friends to buy items from Chinese online stores with our Taobao English Version Shopping Guide.

We have the most competitive service fee and also offer the best Shipping Discount compared to other agents. We have over 10 years foreign trading experiences and can provide more High-class, excellent quality and faster speed service comparedto others. Now please join us and start your international shopping experience.

Buying from Taobao through taobaotrading.com is the easy way because we have delevoped a friendly, powerful, efficient and easy-to-use shopping system.

Our Taobaotrading Service:

1. We will help you to purchase almost everything you want from Chinese on China’s B2C & C2C online shopping sites.
For your well being and satisfaction, we will try to save up your money by purchase on taobao.

2. We will communicate with the seller per your instructions, to check availability of products or alternatives.
3. We will send the concerned infomation to you by Email or our web communication system (registration is free and simple)
4. We will order items as per your instructions, and provide photos for your records if required.
5. We will check the goods locally to insure them in good conditions and try to avoid returns.
6. We will get all your orders together from different sellers and combine them in single, efficient shipment to save shipping cost.
7. We will repackage your goods to appropriate parcels for internaitonal shipping.
8. We will ship goods and send the tracking number to you in time


Further tailored services are available upon your request.